Saturday, October 30, 2010

the place where nothing else matters

Do you have a place where nothing else matters? A place that you can go to anywhere, anytime, with anyone and as soon as you get there, as soon as your feet touch the ground your world disappears and nothing else matters.. A place where you don't think or try or do but just be.. A place where when you leave you are a little bit healthier and a little more whole.. I have that place, for me it's a certain stretch of beach where I can take my dog. I guess most people would go there with their dogs and just see a beach but for me it is something more, for me it is special, almost sacred, it is a place where my soul feels at home.

I don't know how to explain it but there is something special that happens when my toes touch the sand and my foot softly sinks into the warmth.. one foot and then the other, with each step my life melts away. The sun beats down on my freshly sunscreened skin as I walk towards the water, my senses are engaged by the sudden chill of the waves on my calves and all I can think of is this moment, this beautiful, precious moment. Simple, sweet and satisfying. Perhaps this is heaven, I see and feel God everywhere. I am calmer and clearer here in this moment than I am anywhere else. Boof looks up at me expectantly and we break into a run, sand, water, sand, water occasionally we stop to talk to a dog or an owner, sometimes we walk but mostly we run. I love it here. I love every second, every breath I take feels like my first breath and as the air floats down into my lunges I realise that I am alive, that I am here and that this is my life and that I am happy.

I realise that my happiness is really very simple and that I choose to make it complicated. I realise that taking time out to restore my soul and clear my mind is really very simple and something that I need to make more time for. I realise that most things I worry about don't actually matter and that perhaps I need to spend less time being a grown-up and more time being a little kid. I think that I get so busy living my life and taking every opportunity that sometimes I forget how important it is to escape to my little spot on the beach, to leave my world behind and to just be.

Tonight my prayer is a prayer of thanks. Thanks to God for the places he gives us where we can truly be, for the special moments where we can reconnect with him and our purpose. Tonight I thank God for my little spot on the beach :D

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