Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I choose

I feel like I have just come off the back of two challenging days at work, you know the kind where you wonder why on earth you choose this particular career.. in reality it's not bad at all, I actually like my job, most days I love it but today for some reason was hard and now I'm home but feeling a bit blah. In 7 mins I have to leave my house to go and facilitate at evening college. 10 or so eager students are going to be looking to me to guide and make sense of their ideas and blah is not something that I want to give them, they deserve something more from me.

Right now I sit here with a choice, I can choose to wallow in the blah, maybe let it become sadness which will eventually become frustration, I can fight my evening and hold tightly onto this negative space or I can choose something else. I can choose to celebrate the fact that my friend got a job today, that I made space to write not once but twice, that I have the privilege to facilitate a class that I really believe in. I can chose to be excited about my evening, to allow the anticipation of the rich conversations to be had to simmer in my mind until I smile and excitement bubbles softly into my face causing me to smile.. Tonight I get to choose and I choose to find the joy in my day :D

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