Friday, March 16, 2012

Words I never thought I'd have to say.. Places I never thought I'd have to go.. Part 2

Just saw part 1 & realised that I didn't ever tell you part two & part two is the good stuff, the fairy tale stuff. My beautiful cousin is alive & well. Her operation was a complete success & she is slowly getting back to something that resembles a normal life. Study has started again, she just got back from a trip overseas & she has this new appreciation for life. I now live about 30 mins from her house & get the pleasure of her company quite regularly. But that is not sufficient, the detail not enough, I feel like I should share something more so I am going to share one of my favourite things to come out of this experience..

It is beautiful you know, the way that something which hits the core of who we are as a family can be used to create so much healing. During the time that my cousin was in hospital I saw whole parts of our extended family come together. I saw an empathy rise up in my dad & with that empathy came a certain amount of healing. Something changed in him during those days we were at the hospital with my cousin. He softened and strengthened all at once. The way he comforted her, spoke life directly into her fears, the way he completely understood & knew how to provide her with the exact support she needed.. It was so beautiful to see. I love my dad xo

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