Monday, November 15, 2010

I had a dream

So the other night I had a dream, not one of those Martin Luther "I have a dream" for my life to change humanity moments but one of those regular dreams that we all have. The kinds where you are asleep and dreaming of strange stuff happening like giant cats in pants chasing you. It was a normal dream but not a normal dream, it was a dream where I woke up different. It was like the path of madness that my dream took me through was my life to date and as I scurried along the maze of confusion something shifted. I guess what I'm trying to say is I think my dream changed my life.

I woke up from the dream at 5am (surprisingly ok with being up at 5am on a Sunday) and felt the urge to write down my weird and wonderful dream and as I wrote of the things that I saw and did in my dream it was as if pieces of my life were put together and I was given a better understanding of my journey so far. There was something magical about seeing my decisions out of the context of my real life, represented in bright colours and contrasts of good and evil, something that made me see them as if I was looking at a children's storybook as opposed to tragic events in my life. Seeing them that way gave me a new perspective.. I guess it allowed me to see them for what they were, places on the journey, lands that I lived in and it allowed me to stop getting stuck in the places and defining myself by the experiences. I guess it set me free from my past and allowed me to forgive myself for the choices I had made because now I see how those choices fit together and how they have led me to here.

So yes the more I think of it, the more certain I am, I had a dream and that dream has changed my life.

I pray that we can each take a step back from ourselves, to stop getting stuck in our choices and allowing them to define us. I pray we take a moment to examine our lives as if we were children and our lives were a storybook, maybe then we could see the journey and not the mistakes xx

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