Thursday, June 17, 2010

Priscilla Shirer's interview with her brother Anthony Evans

So I love Priscilla Shirer, I saw her at Colour Conference this year and was inspired by the remarkable woman of faith she is. Those of you who aren't familiar with her should become familiar with her! I am addicted to her wisdom and since Colour I have been following her blog. She is currently running an awesome series on her blog about being a single woman. As part of this series she is interviewing people she knows and asking them some interesting questions.

One of the interviews is with her brother Anthony Evans, you can watch it here:

I am a single girl who loves being single and I can totally relate to Anthony's comments about focusing on things other than marriage and not being ready to commit. I'm sure God will mend those issues when the time is right but regardless of where I'm at I still think it's important for single women to have conversation about being single.

Anthony makes some interesting comments about having standards in terms of what you are looking for (assuming you are looking) and holding true to those standards. Whilst overall I agree with these comments and that you shouldn't compromise who you are and what's important to you, I do think that before you go holding onto your standards with iron grip that you should take some time and ensure that they are your standards, things that are actually important to you and not standards you think you should have. I guess this is another area of our lives where it's important to take time out to know yourself. Ultimately, I think that the season of singleness has a purpose, it's a period in your life where you get to explore yourself and the world, it's the season where you lay the foundations for the rest of your life and I love every second of it.

For some of us the season of singleness is short, for others it's long, no matter which season you are in I pray that you can take time out to appreciate where you are and love each precious moment x

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